Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pacific Dragons Fundraiser

Got invited by Sarah to the Pacific Dragons Trivia Fundraiser last Thursday.

Made me realise how much I miss going to regular trivia events. *sigh*. I really am too competitive by nature. And I miss not beingthe bearer of wierd, strange, and oddball trivia.

In any case, the Pac Dragons got what they wanted out of me! Lots of dosh for heading to Malaysia for the World Club Crew Championships inAugust. Our table came 7th overall out of 16; not a bad effort!

I got some computer speakers in the silent auction (they're very heavy when trying to get a post-trivia cache), and they're sounding very nice. I'm getting the doof-doof effect without the low slung car and the cruising. I would've also got an external hard disk drive if someone else had actually bid by the rules (he bid $1 more than me, but the rules said $5 increments. So either I should've got them, or the auction admin should've made himpay the additional $4).

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