Wednesday, July 06, 2005

But does it contain real girl guides?

I remember reading, in all that kind of trash that I used to read about girl guides and bob-a-job month and all those good-for-you curl-your-toes kind of altruistic fantasy. I had also read about these girl guide cookie fund raising drives, and the brilliant retort "But does it contain real girl guides?", which actually, come to think of it, is a Wednesday Adams line. I've always wanted to use it.

So today, for the first time in my life, I was offered a girl guide cookie.
I used the line. It got a chuckle.

It tasted awful.

I don't know how they manage to sell them, it tasted like fat (the choc coating), compressed sawdust (the biscuit bit) with a slight bit of texture. like those wheat cookies. but on the whole, awful. Not a minature girl guide to be seen!

Decaffing - II

I tried, I did. But now I've gone back to trying to get off the bean. I'm amazed at what caffiene is present in the lindt 70% dark chocolate that I've been using to prop up my habit, to try and supplant it. One square of the delicious dark stuff, and I've stopped yawning, my eyes have cleared, and I can actually tell the difference between my left and right hands. Dark chocolate is tops, lindt 70% is even tops-er. 85% cocoa is still a little till chalky for me.

I am reduced to sniffing coffee grounds at my desk utill the yawn attack passes.