Saturday, February 28, 2009

Real Estate Speak is Ridiculous!

Just spotted this whilst browsing some real estate ads:

The Apex of your Endeavours...The Pinnacle of your Success...This property best captures that moment when you can truly say, "Yes, I've made it." And what better place to make it....This wide, genteel street which many have claimed to be the best street in the area has many stately homes rising everywhere. And the good news is, this thoughtfully and tastefully renovated brick property which sits on an expansive 700m square yard will be easy on any budget. For a little more than the price of a townhouse you can enjoy the comforts of this home and truly say i live in the areas best street. Also the good news keeps on coming...You're only a short distance from the city centre which now offers a burgeoning cafe and restaurant culture. What an opportunity.I say "Seize the moment"...This opportunity might not come again. Make this property the Symbol of your Obsession.

I suppose I fell into the trap by reading further along the blurb though.