Sunday, January 23, 2005

Time to Watch. And Laugh. And Mock

Yeah, woo. Buffy is BACK. At the worst time possible of course, 2300 on Sunday nights, when good little princesses should be tucked up in bed. Tonight's episode was 'Syd the dummy', one from season 1 when storylines were good & tasty. And x-files on on afterwards! argh! early first season! they look so young! Dunno why people pick on poor keanu for having no facial expression, young fox mulder is just as bad! mmmm, eyecandy. Speaking of things tasty - how irresistible are jb hi-fi's prices - $21 for a 3dvd box set of the buffster. I am so in lurve, and doing all I can to resist the lure of the instant purchase. The only thing holding me back is the possibility of getting frequent flyer points on the purchase, if I so had a credit card linked to a frequent flyer scheme. Hmm.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mmm, tasty

How good a diet does my compost bin get? Today's contributions included illy coffee grounds, helga's bread, celery, carrot & chai tea leaves. Plus a bucket full of general garden twigs & leaves to add to the carbon content. Apart from the last bit, the compost bin is eating really well, & it is all reducingas planned - I am soooo pleased! I'd better get some swanky compost out of it, the quality of stuff that I'm feeding it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Latham: He was damn well pushed

Not that I'm a fan of the labor party or anything. Not that there is much difference between the labor & the liberal parties at all. But Latham was damn well pushed.

What is the point, labor party, of all this political infighting, of stabbing each other in the backs, of attacking each other through the media? What is the flipping point? Do you really think that all these sudden leadership changes, and all of the above will _really_ win you any votes? The whole GODDAMN point of having a leader is that you chose her/him, and you support them 100%. If they decide to quit, fine, if they get sick whilst on annual leave, fine. If they make some bad decisions, okay, that was a bad decision, but live with it, and you continue to support your *leader* in public. This a presents a nice cohesive, stable and UNITED front to us, your dear potential voters, and gosh-darn, we might even vote for you in the next election. But fuckin attacking Latham while he's on leave, through the media, mind you, and forcing him to resign, by saying "oooh, he's a bit sick", and "oooh, he's made a couple of bad decisions" and "oooh, do you really want to stay on as leader?" is *not* playing nice at all.

Think about it. If you were on holidays from work. And you happened to be sick, whilst on holidays. And sure, you had been sick once whilst working, but you took sick leave, and that's fine. Your company, not even bothering to call you first says , "oh, so and so is sick. i don't think they can do their job anymore", and starts recruiting for someone to fill your boots. Don't you think that you were just pushed?

Petty Petty Petty

So I get moved, against my will, to a new section. As I have done so in the past, with no comment, I take my ergonomic furniture with me. This furniture was purchased on my behalf because my deskspace had been assessed to need it so that I could work efficiently. Halfway through the day I get an INCREDIBLY RUDE email from the petty dept saying that this furniture had been purchased using *their* budget, costing XYZ amount of dollars, and could I please return it immediately.


Okay fine. It had been purchased under their budget. So please drop me a nice email asking for it back. Don't tell me how much it cost (which I quite frankly disbelieve, if the item cost that much, it would behind glass), and don't couch it in such rude language. As usual, the petty department serves only itself, and is incredibly territorial over its own very small domain. I had though better of them before, but this incident just reinforces my own impression of them as administrivia.