Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Petty Petty Petty

So I get moved, against my will, to a new section. As I have done so in the past, with no comment, I take my ergonomic furniture with me. This furniture was purchased on my behalf because my deskspace had been assessed to need it so that I could work efficiently. Halfway through the day I get an INCREDIBLY RUDE email from the petty dept saying that this furniture had been purchased using *their* budget, costing XYZ amount of dollars, and could I please return it immediately.


Okay fine. It had been purchased under their budget. So please drop me a nice email asking for it back. Don't tell me how much it cost (which I quite frankly disbelieve, if the item cost that much, it would behind glass), and don't couch it in such rude language. As usual, the petty department serves only itself, and is incredibly territorial over its own very small domain. I had though better of them before, but this incident just reinforces my own impression of them as administrivia.

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