Sunday, January 23, 2005

Time to Watch. And Laugh. And Mock

Yeah, woo. Buffy is BACK. At the worst time possible of course, 2300 on Sunday nights, when good little princesses should be tucked up in bed. Tonight's episode was 'Syd the dummy', one from season 1 when storylines were good & tasty. And x-files on on afterwards! argh! early first season! they look so young! Dunno why people pick on poor keanu for having no facial expression, young fox mulder is just as bad! mmmm, eyecandy. Speaking of things tasty - how irresistible are jb hi-fi's prices - $21 for a 3dvd box set of the buffster. I am so in lurve, and doing all I can to resist the lure of the instant purchase. The only thing holding me back is the possibility of getting frequent flyer points on the purchase, if I so had a credit card linked to a frequent flyer scheme. Hmm.

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