Thursday, May 08, 2008

Review: Sushiya at Artarmon

Sushiya near Atarmon train station today, because I got stuck in traffic in the lane merge on the cahill expressway, and couldn't be bothered going climbing, despite having made the effort to buy cheap disposable clothing: having left my climbing clothes at home.

Second time there. For some reason, I was drawn to the sea urchin sushi *again*, but this second attempt, I agree: it was too strongly flavoured and slimy to eat as one person! I really wish I had gotten the generic sashimi platter: I could have tried the sea urchin again without it being overkill. Also tried Scallop tataki (yummo!) with bits of fish roe, pickled japanese vegie and seaweed. Ponzu sauce as well? Most tasty.

My 'main' was kitsune udon. Udon good. Wakame good. Seafood extender and kitsune tofu (I thought it would be tofu puffs, not flat bits of sweet dense tofu!/wail). Got to try the tempura set too. The batter was lovely and light, and there was a good variety of tempura foodstuffs there. The most interesting was the tempura fish - there was a slight ammonia taste - was that supposed to be there, or accident?

Highly recommended.

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