Sunday, June 01, 2008

Regional or class accents within Australia?

Two weeks ago, Triple J's current affairs program did a special about 'money', and whether or not there are different class accents within Australia. The conclusion from the linguistics analyst was that there are no 'class' accents, but more regional accents. That is, students from two schools will have the same accent if they're in the same area/suburb.

It got me to thinking .. I went to what could be termed a wannabe private school. I have memories of being told off for using the term "loo" or "bog", instead of "bathroom. I have noticed recently that I adopt the accent or style of speech of the people that I am conversing with. I'll adopt a more westie accent to make fun... and my sister has commented that I have been saying things more 'westie' style.

The strangest thing about the program was that it concluded with an take from Ja'mie. The linguist being interviewed adored the accent, and called it "progressive", with a lot of 'ah' ('eh?'), flat sort of sounds. To me it sounds more like a kiwi accent.

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