Friday, August 12, 2005

Minty Goodness. Mmm, Chocolate.

Apparently a must-stock-up-on-item when people head to Melbourne, I finally went & bought my own cellophane packet of Haigh's Peppermint chocolate frogs. Sydney has just scored it's own Haigh's Chocolate store, quite suitably situated in the Strand Arcade.Dithered between dark chocolate & milk chocolate versions, Got 10 for $8.80. Considering Woolies has packets of funpacked freddos at about 10 for $3 at the moment... I still reckon that at 88c per frog these are pretty rockin. Very smooth, without that oily mouth texture the compound freddos have. A good hit of peppermint oil, but without the sickening sweetness that you get with after dinner mints.

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