Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate: Koko Black's

Having made a lightning dash to Melbourne over the weekend, I thought that I should pay a visit to Koko Black's, and sample their hot chocolate. I have been past before on previous jaunts to the city, and all I can remember were the long long queues stretching out the door.

There wasn't much choice: you could get a hot chocolate - with full cream milk, 70% dark chocolate, and cream; or you could get the light version, with "skim" milk. $5.75. I got the full cream version.

And it was nice. For the first 10 or so sips. Then it started to get almost sickly: too creamy for my tummy. I managed to finish the cup off. End result: me rushing through St Kilda about 30 minutes later hunting for a public toilet!

I wonder how it compared to the hot chocolate that I tried in Paris near the Louvre? I do remember that one being very very sweet and creamy as well... and I also remember we couldn't finish the pot!

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