Saturday, August 09, 2008

Adelaide: Central Market

So, my first Adelaide morning was spent wandering around Central Market. I liked it. Like a cross between Queen Vic and Prahan markets in Melbourne (except without the free and abundant samples). And arrgh, why can't we have markets like this in Sydney! There was coffee, nut shops (Charlesworths appears to be an Adelaide institutions), smelly cheese shops, and the biggest chocolate crackle that I have seen!

After some debate (across the road in a cafe on Gouger Street), I decided to get a baby goats cheese (Le Crottin d'Anton), a Barossa Valley Cheese 'baby bert', a truffle...! (My first one ever. I got the French summer one, rather than the stronger Tassie Winter one). Also, the house blend from the coffee bean shop, and one of the ginormous chocolate crackle in dark chocolate.

I went to the Sydney Growers' Markets the next weekend (good timing, eh?), and it was fun, and it was sunny and glorious and there were samples to taste and try... but I wish the Sydney ones were a weekly occurrence (or even daily, if I could stump it), instead of a "special" occasion.

I have read in the mX though, that there will soon be a weekly Hawksbury Harvest farmers markets on Friday mornings at the corner of cook & phillip park (St Mary's Cathedral, or sort of where William Street starts). Exciting! I hope there will be good bread.

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