Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm sorry, who?

In this article:

the smh has decided to add a montage of faces, representing "some of the biggest names in australian music". The faces are of:
(1)missy higgins
(2)john butler
(3)kate ceberano
(4)shannon noll
(5)kasey chambers.

Sorry? Biggest names in music? I had to go look up who number (4) was , since I couldn't remember who he is from the picture. Since _when_ does coming runner up in a dreadful tv show based on how you look (rather than how you can actually sing) count you among "the biggest names in australian music"? When in fact, hmm, the show _itself_ is a ripoff of a tv show originally shown in the USA, and then your debut single is actually a cover of someone elses' work. Are you paying royalties, m'lad?

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